Solana Systems

Optimization and technical problem-solving services.

We are a technology firm based in Japan with clients worldwide.

We specialize in engineering enterprise solutions with expertise in software and systems development, administrative outsourcing, information systems, data management, web and email hosting, virtual private servers, blockchain development, and more.

We will listen to you and your team, learn what your challenges and pain points are, and go about designing a solution that is tailored to your business needs.

  • Meet with Your Team
  • Research and Investigate
  • Analyze and Understand
  • Propose a Solution
  • Develop and Test
  • Implement and Integrate
  • Support

We have a strong track record delivering technical projects on time and on budget. Use our deep bench of developers and network engineers to optimize processes, improve efficiency, and increase profit.

Solana Systems' bilingual team is well-placed to provide consulting and support services to multinational firms doing business in Japan. We forge successful partnerships with our clients. We have decades of experience in Japan doing technology consulting, process optimization, and systems development. Businesses and non-profit organizations, please take advantage of our free consultation. We will email you to schedule a telephone call or a site visit.

In addition to supporting and administering your existing cloud computing infrastructure, our cloud migration services can manage the process of moving your data, applications, and systems from on-premise servers or suboptimal hosting environments to cloud computing services such as Solana Cloud, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google GCP.

From concept to grid connection, we've helped many firms in Japan realize their wind and solar power production and revenue goals.

Our services in the sector include locating eligible land plots, building simulations, doing site mapping and modeling, drafting permit applications, sourcing components, managing inventory, and managing construction. We provide long-term support, monitoring, and surveillance services for power plants of all sizes.

For over a decade we've worked closely with real estate agents, property managers, accommodation providers, and property owners to streamline the management of their investment, secure greater marketplace visibility, and increase their profits.

We've built systems that improve listing visibility, facilitate property management, allow foreign owners to monitor trust accounting, facilitate bilingual staff and client management, monitor IoT devices installed in properties, and more.

Solana Systems is working on a range of blockchain-based solutions. We've built smart contracts and data logging solutions and continue to push forward with other projects in energy, accounting, real estate, and property management.

We have built out and managed distributed computing facilities in The United States, Japan, and Europe. We have in-house GPU, FPGA, and ASIC hardware know-how and have developed and maintained mining pools and mine monitoring systems.


18-2 Matsukawa Town Hakodate City Hokkaido Japan 040-0074 | Japan office: +81 138-83-2922