Solana Systems is a technology firm based in Japan with clients worldwide. We specialize in engineering enterprise solutions with expertise in software and systems development, renewable energy, administrative outsourcing, data facility management, web and mail hosting, virtual private servers, colocation services, distributed computing, cryptocurrency, blockchain development, and more.

Software Development

Solana Systems has an experienced team of innovative software developers and system engineers. We build fast, intuitive, and secure enterprise solutions for a range of industries.

Renewable Energy

Solana Systems first harnessed solar energy over a decade ago to power our data centers. We harness that know-how to service companies in the renewable energy industry.


Solana Systems provides trained staff for activities including administrative work, project management, software development, solar and wind power plant deployment, and more.

Web & Mail Hosting

Our data centers provide fast, secure, and reliable hosting for your websites and email. We also provide full-service domain registration and renewal as well as DNS services.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) provide unmatched stability and performance. Don't settle for shared disk space, CPU, or RAM when you can secure dedicated resources from Solana Systems.

Cloud Computing

Solana Systems facilitates access to shared pools of configurable system resources and high-level services that can be quickly deployed and provisioned with minimal effort.

Facility Management

Not only do we build and manage our own data centers and cryptocurrency mining facilities, we also do the same for clients and investors.

Miner Colocation

Solana maintains dedicated facilities for cryptocurrency mining with ample power, trained technicians for support and maintenance, and robust security.

Blockchain & Crypto

Solana Systems frequently hosts blockchain and cryptocurrency experts in our startup incubator and we're working with them to develop a range of blockchain-based solutions.